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Magnet Admissions Office
Alvin E. Morris Admin. Center 
201 N Water, Room 422
Wichita, Kansas 67202
phone:  (316) 973-4464
fax:  (316) 973-4725
Nikkie Zdrojewski
Program Specialist
Magnetic News
GPA students hear stories about their school's namesake
Students at Gordon Parks Academy got to hear about their school’s namesake from a special guest. David Parks, son of Gordon Parks, talked with the students about his father. He said his father always encouraged him to be the best and to follow his dreams, and he encouraged the students to do the same.

He showed a clip from his father’s film, The Learning Tree, which showed how the views of African-American students pursuing a college career in the 1930’s were different than they are today.

“You all can go to college and I challenge all of you to go to college,” said Parks.
Some students were selected to receive an autographed copy of The Learning Tree, written by Gordon Parks.


Gordon Parks Academy students received encouragement from David Parks, son of Gordon Parks. Some students received autographed copies of The Learning Tree, written by Gordon Parks. Photo by Susan Arensman
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Black Traditional Magnet
NH, Pre-K, Standardized Dress, School Age Program
  L'Ouverture Career Explorations &
Technology Magnet

NH, ESOL Program, School Age Program
Bostic Traditional Magnet
PM, Standardized Dress, School Age Program
  McLean Science & Technology Magnet
NH, School Age Program
Buckner Performing Arts & Science Magnet
NH, Pre-K, School Age Program
  Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet
NH, Pre-K, Standardized Dress, ESOL Program, School Age Program
Cleaveland Traditional Magnet
PM, Standardized Dress, School Age Program
  Mueller Aerospace & Engineering Discovery
NH, Pre-K, School Age Program  
Dodge Literacy Magnet
NH, Pre-K, School Age Program
  Price-Harris Communications Magnet
NH, ESOL Program, School Age Program
Earhart Environmental Magnet
NH, Pre-K, School Age Program
  Riverside Leadership Magnet
NH, School Age Program
Enders Open Magnet
NH, School Age Program
  Spaght Science & Communications Magnet
NH, Pre-K, Standardized Dress, ESOL Program, School Age Program
Hyde International Studies & Communications Magnet
NH, School Age Program
Woodland Health & Wellness
NH, Pre-K, ESOL Program, School Age Program

Isely Traditional Magnet
NH, Standardized Dress, School Age Program

KDG - 8th MAGNET SCHOOL (to the top)
Gordon Parks International Baccalaureate Magnet Academy
KDG through 5th grade NH, 6th through 8th grade PM, School Age Program

Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet
PM (all students must apply), ESOL Program, Standardized Dress, School Age Program

MIDDLE MAGNET SCHOOLS (6th - 8th) (to the top)
Allison Traditional Magnet Middle
PM, Standardized Dress
Jardine STEM & Career Explorations
Middle Magnet 

NH, ESOL Program, Standardized Dress

Brooks Center for STEM & Arts Middle Magnet 
PM, Standardized Dress                                

Mayberry Cultural and Fine Arts Middle Magnet
PM, ESOL Program

Northeast Magnet High School (PM)

Types of Magnet Schools    (to the top)

There are two types of magnet schools.
1) Neighborhood magnet (NH) schools: Students in the residential boundaries for these schools are not required to apply through the magnet selection process.  All students residing outside of the neighborhood boundary must apply for and be selected through the random selection process.  The following schools are neighborhood magnets:  Black, Buckner, Dodge, Earhart, Enders, Gordon Parks Academy (KDG-5th grade only), Hyde, Isely, L'Ouverture, McLean, Minneha, Mueller, Price-Harris, Riverside, Spaght, Woodland and Jardine Middle Magnet.

At the elementary level, the following are paired magnets and offer similar programs:  Black, Bostic, Cleaveland, and Isely Traditional Magnet.  When applying for any of these magnet schools, boundary guidelines for placement will be identified by the Magnet Admissions Office. The student’s application will be processed for the magnet school that is identified by their home address.  

2) Pure magnet (PM) schools:  Pure magnet schools are by application only.  There is not a neighborhood attendance area assigned to these schools so all students must apply and go through the random selection process.  The following schools are pure magnets:  Bostic, Cleaveland, Gordon Parks IB Academy (6th-8th grade only), Horace Mann, Allison, Brooks, Mayberry and Northeast Magnet High School.

Additional programs available at some magnet schools are:

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages):  works with students learning English, their families, their teachers and the community to provide students access to high level curriculum and to ensure proficiency in the English language. Horace Mann, L'Ouverture, Minneha, Price-Harris, Spaght, Woodland, Jardine and Mayberry have ESOL available.  
Pre-K Programs:  Black, Buckner, Dodge, Earhart, Enders, Minneha, Mueller, Spaght and Woodland magnet schools have Pre-K classes available. Students attending an elementary magnet school for a Pre-K Program are not enrolled in the magnet program for that school.  Pre-K students attending a magnet school must submit a magnet application for their KDG year before the deadline and be randomly selected in order to stay at the magnet school where they attended Pre-K. Parents that need information on enrolling their Pre-K student into a Pre-K program need to contact the Pre-K Office at 973-4708 or visit the Pre-K website

School Age Program (Latchkey)​ is a before-and-after school program held in most elementary buildings and is designed to provide dependable child care services to children and families.  Please click here for the Latchkey website.

Standardized Dress Codes (uniforms):  some magnet schools offer standardized dress code.  Black, Bostic, Cleaveland, Horace Mann, Isely, Minneha, Spaght, Allison, Brooks, and Jardine all have standardized dress code. Please click here for the standardized dress code description.

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Videos and Podcasts
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Enders Open Magnet Students learn Financial Responsibility from Junior Achievement
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2015-2016 Timeline for Magnet, Pre-IB & IB
Choices Fair 2015
26th Annual Choices Fair
Thursday, January 29, 2015
Century II - Exhibition Hall
225 W. Douglas
5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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